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Source tagging

Source tagging, means to integrate an EAS label into the products & packing or attaching hard tags onto merchandise at the source of manufacturer, instead of attaching them in stores. Especially for some large scale retail chain shops, it help retailer saves much time to engage in sales, lower the labor cost, get an improvement in shrink due to the near perfect tagging compliance from factories and the uniformity in tag placement. Source tagging consistenly reduces losses due to sholifting and employee.

Vikson's source tagging program promotes sustainability for retailers,manufacturers and packagers in a variety of ways, our source tagging solutions include:
* Primary labels
* RF & AM security circuit roll stock
* Paperboard packaging with integrated RF & AM security circuits

* Primary label with integrated RF & AM security circuits
* Overprinting on primary EAS tags/labels or integrated labels

* EAS + RFID integrated label /tag.

source tagging of EAS soft label
In order to provide better concealment and a low-cost solutions, EAS soft labels can be integrated into a Hang tag when they were produced.
source tagging of EAS-AM label used on garments
AM label can be sticked onto the hangtag during production. It has quite smart size,and can be applied on merchandise easily. The AM label should be deactivated at the cashier.
source tagging sew in woven label
The EAS soft label can be sewed into the woven label,giving a secretly protection for the garments.
Inner chip: 58Khz AM soft tag (VA901)
Inner chip: 58Khz AM label (VA901)
Inner chip: 8.2MHz soft tag VSL304
Inner chip: 8.2Mhz RF label (VSL304)
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