Professional EAS tag manufacturer
Cosmetic & Perfume
Most cosmetics are designed with a smart outlook. The recommended solution is AM labels + AM sensor + AM deactivator, as the AM labels has much smaller size, and better detection performance then RF labels.
For some high-theft items, EAS safer will provide a better protection. It is slight expensive than label solution, but reusable.
58Khz AM security label
The 58Khz AM security label has slim size, can be attached onto any merchandise with a smooth surface.It has excellent detection performance and anti-metal ability, having a wide application.
eas label for cosmetic
The black color EAS soft label is stuck on the bottom of cosmetic. The EAS soft label can be designed as different shape and printing.
soft tag for cosmetic
The VSL303 soft tag has an smart size,ideal for cosmetics retail security.
The extremly smart RF soft tag VSL2050 is ideal for cosmetic, such as mascara cream...
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