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How to reduce retail theft

In a time of decreased budgets and increased retail competition, retailers are looking for new ways to boost profits by increasing revenues and cutting costs. Shrinkage (or retail inventory loss) is a tremendous deficit that few business people are willing to overlook. Many merchants have either ignored serious loss control efforts or in some rare cases “played games” with price markups and inventory procedures to hide shrinkage problems. But today’s most successful retailers are taking a more comprehensive approach: identifying the most prevalent and costly loss areas, and implementing cost effective programs to reduce loss. Well-researched, designed, and executed asset protection programs reduce errors and crime events, leading to safer and more successful operations.

All too often retailers make impulsive decisions to rectify business problems without fully examining the cause of the problem or the best solutions.

When faced with a shrinkage problem, retailers should determine where they are experiencing their greatest financial loss and then install EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system to prevent loss.

I recommend a four-phase, integrated loss control program to control and prevent loss.

During Phase I, the retailer, or a qualified consultant, conducts a comprehensive security survey.

During Phase II, the retailer analyzes the data collected during the survey to determine risk and trends, and then prioritizes these risks to focus countermeasures.

During Phase III, the retailer designs and implements and a loss control program.

During Phase IV, the program is continuously tested and adjusted as needed. Figure I-1 depicts the primary tasks associated with defining, designing, implementing, and maintaining an effective loss control program.

No retailer should take the problem of retail shrinkage lightly. Lack of a solid, consistent loss control program often leads to staggering financial losses and can make violence more likely. A commitment to loss prevention must be made at the top of the organization and be positively reinforced throughout the organization every day. In this way, your business will experience an increase in profits due to an effective loss prevention program.