Professional EAS tag manufacturer
Shrinkage challenge in retail industry
New scientific studies emphasize the scope with the shrinkage difficulty

Stock shrinkage expenditures U.S. vendors $33.6 billion, according to the College of Florida 2003 National Retail Safety Survey. Among the many 4 sources of inventory shrinkage, stores attributed 47% to staff theft, 32% to shoplifting, 15% to administrative error and 6% to seller fraud. Shrinkage prices Western European vendors ยค30 billion a 12 months, with purchaser theft dependable for an believed 48% of those people losses, experiences the Centre for Retail Research. Helpful actions taken to manage shrinkage losses can promptly spend for them selves. Using a VIKSON RF-EAS system

Inventory is quickly guarded towards theft
- You may use open up merchandising to extend income with complete confidence
- Shoplifters are deterred from coming into your retail store
- An extensive variety of merchandise is secured
- POS scanning and stability tag deactivation can be integrated
- RF deactivation eliminates time-consuming search for tags
- RF deactivation is risk-free for use with magnetic media

For additional than ten several years, retailers have relied on Vikson Radio Frequency-Electronic Posting Surveillance (RF-EAS Devices) to safeguard their stock. The flexible mother nature of RF technological know-how will allow us to continually increase product performance and performance. Today, RF stability tags are smaller than in the past. Built-in scan/deactivation heights extend nearly 15 inches over the POS scanner. Sensors incorporating digital sign processing can easily detect tags of all dimensions with remarkable precision. RF-EAS puts suppliers around the logical path towards RFID clever tagging, the subsequent revolution in retail stock administration and manage.

RF-EAS Characteristics

Conventional tag proportions -- one.56" x 1.588" x 0.008-0.003" (3.96cm x four.034cm x 0.026-0.008cm) - Smallest tag proportions 1.0" x 0.9" x 0.008-0.003 (2.54cm x 2.29 cm) Tag could be seamlessly built-in into hang tags or principal labels with no proof that merchandise is EAS safeguarded
- Tag is usually integrated into footwear with out unique cavities or preparing
- Tags could be conveniently embedded in levels of blister playing cards, concealed beneath bottle labels, and folded/bent across bundle rating
- Customized shapes and dimensions to meet unique deal purposes Custom messages or logos variably imprinted on tag
- Thermal inventory out there for value marking or bar code printing and imprinting
- Deactivation successful as many as 15" (38 cm) regardless of tag orientation
- Makes it possible for built-in, one-step scan/deactivation with most widely used scanners
- Only one deactivation device demanded for use with all items at stage of sale
- Supports interlock of simultaneous built-in scan/deactivation essential for combating sliding and sweethearting Supports technologies platform for existing EAS technologies and RF EAS/ID with synergy of frequency for tag and system design
- Tag overall performance is unaffected by strain
- Tags can't be defeated by common magnets