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What is dual frequency EAS tag?

The main frequency of EAS tag includes 8.2Mhz RF tags and 58Khz AM tags. They are compatible with different EAS antenna.(To know what is the differences of RF system and AM system?)

Sometimes, both frequencies can be integrated into one piece hard tag, to be a dual frequency EAS tag. It can trigger an alarm on both RF sensor and AM sensor.

When do you need the dual frequency EAS tag?

If you have some clothes stores, which have already installed different EAS pedestal, some stores use RF antenna (such as Checkpoint system), and some were installed of AM antenna (such as Sensormatic system).

If you will take source tagging program (attaching the hard tags at garment factory), can not distinguish which items will be on sells in store A, and which items will be shipped to store B, then you can use the dual frequency EAS tag.