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sensormatic tags for anti shoplifting

Sensormatic tags are compatible with all 58Khz AM systems.

sensormatic tags supertag vst-r
The sensormatic super tag is applied to soft goods at the point of manufacturing to help reduce operational costs and eliminate in-store tagging labor. This tag also features a robust locking mechanism with 80lbs pull-out force.
sensormatic MVST-R tag

Sensormatic MVST-R tag

Sensormatic MVST-R tag features a robust locking mechanism with 106lbs of pull-out force.

sensormatic ultra gator tag

Sensormatic Ultra-Gator tag

This all-purpose tag is highly visible shoplifting deterrent. The traditional lock design provides moderate defeat resistance for a wide range of merchandise. It can be attached via tack, lanyard, versatie etc.

sensormatic magnetic saucer tag

Sensormatic tag-magnetic saucer

The reusable ferrite saucer tag is easy to apply and remove at the point of sale. A strong visual deterrent with reliable detection.

sensormatic tag superclamp

Sensormatic tag-Superclamp

The SuperClamp is designed to hold Ultra•Ink or Sensor-Ink to soft goods. This reusable clamp detaches via SuperTag detachers for an added benefit to customers who use SuperTag hard tags.This product must be used with a benefit denial tag to provide asset protection value.

sensormatic super tag III

Sensormatic supertag III

This tag provides top of the line theft protection for a wide range of merchandise, from heavy outerwear to delicate intimate.

sensormatic ultra strip label tag

Sensormatic Ultra strip III label

This label provides premier performance and merchandise protection. The sheet format is for hand application, and roll format is for machine application.

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