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RF tags

RF tags take 8.2Mhz Radio Frequency technology, which is different from AM tags. RF tags must work together with RF sensor, but AM tag should work with AM sensor. Vikson’s RF tags are well compatible with all RF Systems. 

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8.2Mhz RF hard tag

RF Big Square Hard Tag (V005)

The V005 RF square hard tag is a large size security tag,used for retail security stores.

mini square hard tag used for clothing

Mini Square Hard Tag (V004 & V004C)

The Mini Square Tag is a cost effective hard tag with unobtrusive appearance and good protection performance. It is suitable for protecting apparels & accessoies, shoes & bags etc, and most widely used for Supermarkets.


Anti-theft clip

The Anti-theft clip is a specil EAS tag, which can be attached onto merchandi

Anti-shoplifting Tag for retail security

Anti-shoplifting Tag (V308)

The V308 Anti-shoplifting Tag is a outstanding tag give perfect protection for merchandise such as clothes, bags etc.

security alarm tag

Security alarm tag V309

Flat Delta Tag V309 Features: * Tag compliance * Good det

checkpoint tags

Checkpoint tags

The checkpoint tags are designed to compatible with all 8.2Mhz Rf systems, coming in a variety of options. They have excellent detection performance and with strong visual deterrence. The checkpoint tags are widely used on different scales of clothing stores, supermarkets and other stores.

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