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RF tags

RF tags take 8.2Mhz Radio Frequency technology, which is different from AM tags. RF tags must work together with RF sensor, but AM tag should work with AM sensor. Vikson’s RF tags are well compatible with all RF Systems. 

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Security tagging

Security tagging V307L

Security tagging (V307L) The security tagging V307L adds a modern touch

Shop security tag 8.2Mhz

Shop security tag V407

V407 Shop security tag is specifically designed to protect high-theft merchandise include a broad range of apparel and accessories.

magnetic security tag 8.2mhz

Magnetic security tag V406

Magnetic tag is a quite robust EAS tag with strong shell. The lock available in a selection of performance levels

eas anti theft tag

Anti-theft tag (V405)

The V405 Anti-theft tag has a solid shell, looks very dependable. There are a

Vikson EAS tag V303 used for store security

EAS tag (V303)

The EAS tag V303 is competible with all RF antennas.It is suitable for any merchandise,such as clothes, sports,shoes and bags etc.

mini delta tag family

Mini delta tag family (V601-V602L-V605)

The Mini delta tags serious is robust, high performance EAS tag, available in 8.2 MHz RF and 58 KHz AM. They have extreme smart outlook, and commonly applied for some delicate or small merchandise, such as watch, shoes and bags etc.

store security tag

EAS store security tag (V202)

The V202 Store security tag is designed as a cute panda face. The lovely desi

Electronic security tag

RF Mini corn Security tag (V305)

The V305 electronic security tag is used for protecting garments and accessories,such as shoes,bags etc.

Blister security hard tag

Blister security hard tag

The blister security hard tag is specially designed for semi rigid blister packs.

8.2Mhz RF eas pencil tag used for clothing

EAS Pencil tags (V012 & V012S)

The RF EAS pencil tag has slim outlook,giving well protection for merchandise.It is compatible with all RF & AM EAS sensors.

RF pencil tag family-produced by Vikson security

RF Pencil Tags (V010-V011-V013)

The EAS pencil tag are used for protect variety of merchandise,such as clothes,bags and shoes etc.

eas golf tag securing clothes

EAS Golf Tags (V007S-V007M-V007L)

The EAS Golf Tag,is an excellent clothes alarm for protecting merchandise from theft.

smart size security clothing tag V307-produced by Vikson Security

RF X40 tag (V307)

The X40 hard tag is a excellent security clothing tag,with smart size and good detection performance.

small round security tag used for clothes

RF round security tag (V009)

The small size round security tag is an economic style, used for retail security stores and supermarket.

round security tag used for clothes stores

EAS RF R50 Tag (V008)

The R50 EAS RF tag is one of the best-selling item. It is competible with all EAS-RF sensor. IT is an extremely popular hard tag for protection of apparel and fashion accessories. In additoon to being used with a pin, it can be also used with an EAS lanyard for protecing items such as hangbags, shoes and luggages etc.

RF security tag V006 & V306 used for retail security

RF UFO security Tag (V006 & V306)

The RF UFO Security tags are used for variety of retail security shops.

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