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RF Mono System (V2003M)

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RF Mono System (V2003M)

RF MONO System (V2003M)


◆ The V2003M RF Mono system is designed as Mono style, which integrate both of Transmitter and receiver.  

◆ It working with Vikson's security tags will offers excellent,reliable detection with minimal false alarms.

◆ Well competible with the whole range of Vikson's RF tags and RF labels.

1) Frame: Made of ABS plastic
2) Size: 1610mm(H)*340mm(W)*100mm(D)

3) N.weight: 7KG
3) Center frequency: 8.2MHz +/- 0.05MHz 
4) Scanning Frequency bias: +/-500KHz 
5) Scan rate: 180Hz+/-1Hz 
7) Bandwdith: 7.5MHz-8.5MHz 
8) Safeguard: 250v,0.5A,fuse 

Detection Range / Aisle Width:

Vikson's EAS RF R50 Tag: 1.5M (0.75M+0.75M)
Vikson's 4x4cm Soft label: 1.2cm (0.6M+0.6M)

Packing Dimensions:
Height: 1700mm
Width: 420mm
Depth: 120mm
Weight: 8kgs

Package: 1 set integrated sensor+1 pcs Power supply

Remarks: Effective rate of detection is influenced by the store environment and by the quality of the tags used
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