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RF labels

RF label (Radio frequency label) is essentially a circuit made of aluminium flakes and antenna. RF labels are disposable & economic security labels, designed as different shapes and size, to fit all kinds of merchandise.The most common used RF labels is: 4*4cm label with bar-code.

Customized printing is available on the labels for large order quantity.

List of RF labels 

● Dimensions of RF labels

● Types of RF labels

types of rf labels

● Special RF labels:

A. RF Transparency PVC label

The transparency RF label takes PVC material instead of chrome paper. It provides much flexible ability, which is most suitable for cosmetics industry.

rf pvc transparency label for cosmetic
cosmetic rf security label

B. RF Direct Thermal label

The RF direct thermal label is specially designed for the customers who need to print merchandise information(bar-code, price, name) on the labels. The labels has a heat sensitive coating. When heated by the print head, the thermal coating turns black to create the image. 

thermal printer

C. RF Frozen label

The RF frozen label is specially designed for fresh frozen foods in supermarket or shops. Double coated films will protect the label from water and low-temperature.

Dimensions for option

A. Normal Shape
B. Special Shape
C. Jewelery label
D. Cosmetic label
Code. Dimension & Shape Code.
Dimension & Shape
Dimension & Shape
Dimension & Shape
30 × 30mm
VSL404R Ø40mm / Round
Diameter: 40mm / Round
19 × 65mm
30 × 40mm
VSL33R Ø33mm /Round
30 × 30mm
20 ×50mm
40 × 40mm


45 × 46mm
20 × 70mm
30 × 48 mm
Side Length: 45mm /Triangle

30 × 57mm

VSL3438 34×38mm

VSL2344 23×44mm



VSL505 47×47mm

47 × 70mm

EAS alarm label-VSL303

3×3cm EAS alarm label

3×3cm Soft Label  Item No.: VSL303 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 30×30mm&nb

Round security label-VSL404R

Round security label-VSL404R

4×4cm Soft Label Item No.: VSL404 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: Ø40mm  Col

4×4cm eas rf soft label with barcode

4×4cm Soft Label

Vikson's EAS soft label has high adhensive and excellent detection width than other similar products.

Anti-theft Jewellery Tag VSJ45

Anti-theft Jewellery Tag-VSJ45

Anti-theft Jewellery Tag Item No.: VSJ45 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 45×46mm (

EAS RF label-VSL304

EAS RF label-VSL304

EAS RF label Item No.: VSL304 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 30×40mm  Colou

Alarm label VSL305

Alarm label VSL305 Item No.: VSL305 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 30×50mm 

Security alarm label-VSL306

Security alarm label-VSL306

Security alarm label Item No.: VSL306 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 32×57mm 

RF security label VSL507

RF security label VSL507

RF Security Label Item No.: VSL507 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 47×70mm 

RF label VSL45-T for retail security

Triangle RF label VSL45-T

RF label-Triangle Item No.: VSL45-T SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: Side length=45

8.2Mhz RF soft label VSL-Olive

RF Soft label VSL-OLIVE

RF Soft Label Item No.: VSL-OLIVE SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 23×47mm  C

Security Jewellery Label VSJ40-R

Jewellery Label VSJ40-R

Security Jewellery Label Item No.: VSJ40-R SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: Ø4

 EAS Jewellery label VSJ30

EAS Jewellery label VSJ30

EAS Jewellery label  Item No.: VSJ30 SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 30×30mm

rf direct thermal label

RF direct thermal label

RF direct thermal label is different with the traditional RF paper label. The merchandise information can be printed on the RF direct thermal label by normal thermal label printers. Thermal label printers are ideal for bar code printing because they produce accurate, high-quality images with excellent edge definition. Thermal printers are engineered to print within tight tolerances and to produce the exact bar widths that successful bar code printing and scanning require. Each technology can produce one- and two-dimensional bar code symbolizes, graphics and text at the same print resolutions and speeds.

rf frozen labels

RF frozen labels

RF frozen labels are specialty labels formulated specifically for use in frigid environments. Every element of the label—especially the substrate, adhesive, and inks—must not only be stable at room temperature, it must also be able to withstand the extreme cold of many food packaging/storage, laboratory, and warehouse settings. It's especially important that the adhesive itself doesn't freeze or deaden, causing the label to detach and fall off the package.

8.2Mhz RF PVC transparency labels

RF PVC Transparency Label

The RF PVC label are made of transparency PVC material, which is different with traditional paper labels. It provide much flexible application, and mostly suitable for cosmetics. The advantages of RF PVC labels...

checkpoint labels for anti-shoplifting 8.2mhz

Checkpoint labels

Checkpoint labels are compatible with all exist 8.2MHz RF systems. They provide wide range for options. covering almost any merchandise on the market.Checkpoint labels provides excellent detection performance.

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