Professional EAS tag manufacturer
EAS sensor

There are several types of EAS sensors, includeing:

Radio Frequency system

Acousto-Magnetic system

●Magnetic system-Magneto-harmonic

●Microwave system

The major type is RF(Radio frequency) system and AM (Acousto Magnetic)system. Nowadays they are mostly widely used in various retail industries.

AM sensor (58KHz) takes Acousto Magnetic technology. Compared with RF sensor, it has better detection performance, and will not be interfered by some metal object, nearly without false alarm. So it has much bigger potential market. Vikson system has stable performance, luxury outlook, Meticulous work-ship and Vikson team will supply the perfect after-sale service.
EAS-RF sensor for tag detection

RF sensor(Radio frequency sensor) takes 8.2Mhz Radio frequency technology. It is the most widely used system in the world today. RF labels and RF tags are making smaller size. The RF label, is basically a small disposable electronic circuit with antenna. When a product attached with a RF label, pass through the gate area, the label will response a specific frequency emitted by the transmitter, then the response will be received by the adjacent receiver and trigger an alarm. After a Deactivatable RF label is decoded by the cashier, it will become invalid, then the RF sensor will let it pass. deactivated