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EAS safer

EAS safer is a transparency box made of PC or high strength plastic.

It is used for protecting some high-value and high-theft items, which can not attaching an EAS tag, such as cosmetic, perfume, shaver and batteries etc…

Both of  8.2Mhz and 58Khz is available, and dual frequency is OK.

eas safer boxes used for anti-shoplifting

EAS Safer box (VS115-VS117)

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EAS commodity safer used for battery,ink cartridge,cosmetic etc.

EAS safe keeper (VS009-VS014)

Vikson supplies a wide range of EAS safers, such as CD/DVD safers, cigarette safer, and EAS commodity safers. The EAS commodity were designed as variety of sizes, applied for protection such a lot of merchandises, including battery,ink cartridge,cosmetic and personal cares etc...

closed dvd safer box used for anti-shoplifting of dvd music

DVD Safer box (VS008)

The anti theft device VS008 DVD safer box adapts fully closed structure,to meet more smaller size CD and DVD.

DVD Safer box

DVD Safer box (VS007)

The anti-theft device VS007 Safer box is special designed for DVD music products, applied easily.

Double CD Safer

Double CD Safer (VS003)

VS003 Double CD safer is designed for double CD package from theft.Both of 8.2Mhz and 58Khz are available. It is compatible with Checkpoint or Sensormatic system.

cd safer box

CD Safer (VS002)

The EAS CD safer is used for protect CD musics from theft.

tape Cassette safer for anti-theft

EAS Tape Cassette Safer (VS001)

The VS001 Tape ​Cassette Safer is specially designed for tape cassette for anti-theft use.

EAS cigarette safe keeper

EAS cigarette safe keeper (VS016)

the EAS cigarette safe keeper is specially designed for cigarette for anti-theft use.

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