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EAS hard tag

Increasingly, EAS hard tags play an important part in the complete EAS solutions.The EAS hard tag includes RF tags, AM tags, Ink security tag (Benefit 

denial), Optical tag, Lanyard tag etc.,with a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. The applications covered almost every retail industries. 

Compared with EAS label, there are some advantages for EAS hard tag:

● It must be removed by a special remover, can not be teared up like labels.

● With better detection performance

● Environment-friendly Reusable tags, can be recycled.

rf tags with the frequency of 8.2Mhz

RF tags take 8.2Mhz Radio Frequency technology, which is different from AM tags. RF tags must work together with RF sensor, but AM tag should work with AM sensor. Vikson’s RF tags are well compatible with all RF Systems. 

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am tags used for clothes store
AM tags take 58KHz Acousto Magnetic technology, which is different from RF tags. AM tags must work with AM sensor . It has better detection performance than RF tags, but the price of pedestal is a some experience than RF system. Vikson’s AM tags are well compatible with all AM systems.
ink security tag and ink tag pin used on clothes

Ink security tag (Benefit denial) series is designed for protecting some high-value and high-theft merchandises, it takes radical protection to deter theft. Some warning words printed on the tag to declare this is a benefit denial tag; Colored ink pipes was embedded into the ink security tag. Once it is illegally opened by violence, the inside permanent ink will make clothes dirty, can not for resale again. So it is also named as benefit denial tag. Vikson's ink security tag are designed with high performance, which will effectively increase the protection performance.

EAS optical tag used for protecting sunglasses glasses from theft
Optical tag is a smart design EAS tag for sunglasses. It has a special lock device, with a rubber inside the cross, which can make the tag fits merchandise seamless, and avoid any scratch on the glasses.Both frequency are available: 8.2Mhz and 58Khz. The optical tag has smooth and sleek shape, will not affect the appearance of glasses.
EAS security tag with integrated lanyard
Lanyard tag integrates an EAS cable and a tag pin into an EAS hard tag. This combined design makes users no need to worry about the pin is loss, and it significantly reduces tagging time and eliminates multiple storage bins and product purchases. The lanyard tags are specially designed for the items which can not be penetrated by a tag pin. Lanyard tag will protect a wide range of products, such as bags, shoes, luggage and sports goods etc.
Security bottle tag

Bottle tag integrates a adjustable lanyard into the hard tag, to be firmly fixed on the merchandise. It is specially designed for the merchandise packed with bottle or can, such as spirits,drinks and milk power etc.