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eas bottle tag

Bottle tag integrates a adjustable lanyard into the hard tag, to be firmly fixed on the merchandise. It is specially designed for the merchandise packed with bottle or can, such as spirits,drinks and milk power etc.

liquor bottle security device-EAS bottle tag

Liquor bottle security tag VB601

Liquor bottle security tag  (Item no.:VB601) Features ◆&n

Bottle security cap

Bottle security cap (VB611)

The VB611 bottle security cap is special designed for premium wines and spiri

EAS security cap

EAS security cap (VB612)

The VB612 eas cap is the bigger brother of VB611 bottle security cap. It is specially developed for high priced wine. It will protect the bottle mouse from illegally opened.

Milk power Security device

Milk power Security device VB604

Milk power Security device (Item no.: VB604) Features ◆ T

eas tube tag for milk power

EAS tube tag VB602

EAS tube tag (Item no.: VB602) Features ◆ Tag compliance

AM bottle tag 58khz

AM Bottle tag 58Khz (VB603)

AM Bottle tag 58Khz (VB603) Features ◆ Tag compliance

RF Bottle tag 8.2mhz

RF Bottle tag (VB606)

RF Bottle tag (Item no.: VB606) Features ◆ Tag compliance

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