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AM tags
AM tags take 58KHz Acousto Magnetic technology, which is different from RF tags. AM tags must work with AM sensor . It has better detection performance than RF tags, but the price of pedestal is a some experience than RF system. Vikson’s AM tags are well compatible with all AM systems.

Mini delta tag family (V601-V602L-V605)

The Mini delta tags serious is robust, high performance EAS tag, avaiila

Am pencil tag family

AM Pencil Tag Family (VA010-VA011-VA013)

Pencil tags are light weight slim EAS tags, with well detection performance.

EAS hard tag-Ultra Gator

EAS hard tag - Ultra Gator

VA701 Ultra Gator Tag  The Ultra Gator is a 58Khz AM hard tag des

58Khz AM hard tag-Skate Tag

AM hard tag-Skate tag

AM Hard Tag -Skate Tag (58Khz) Common features: * Ta

AM pencil tag

AM pencil tags

The AM pencil tags are designed as smart appearance and have an integrated

Acousto Magnetic (AM) Tag

Acousto Magnetic (AM) Tag

Features: ◆ Tag compliance ◆ Good detection performance ◆ Takes magnetic coil. ◆ Applied on clothes and accessories.


Bestag Ⅱis a special EAS hard tag for protecting merchandise from theft.Both of RF 8.2Mhz and AM 58Khz are available.

eas super tags

Super tag family (VA505-VA506-VA507-VA508-VA509-VA510)

Super tag is a typical AM hard tag. It adopts hook lock device instead of three ball lock system, which must be opened by a special detacher. The Super tag family includes six members, including different sizes.

Alarm golf tag 58Khz

Alarm golf tag (VA007L)

The large size Alarm Golf Tag can be produced as 58Khz AM format.

sensormatic tags for anti shoplifting

Sensormatic tags

Sensormatic tags are designed to work with all 58Khz AM systems.They have excellent detection performance, and robust design. The sensormatic tags comes with more than 100 styles.

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