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am sensor
AM sensor (58KHz) takes Acousto Magnetic technology. Compared with RF sensor, it has better detection performance, and will not be interfered by some metal object, nearly without false alarm. So it has much bigger potential market. Vikson system has stable performance, luxury outlook, Meticulous work-ship and Vikson team will supply the perfect after-sale service.
Retail security system 58Khz

Retail security system 58Khz (V2013B)

Retail Security system (58Khz) Item no.: VA2013B Colour: Tra

eas tagging system for 58khz am tag

EAS tagging system AM (V2013)

The 58Khz EAS tagging system is used for detecting AM tags&labels. It has stable performance.

58khz am sensor

AM Sensor (VA2012)

AM Sensor (58Khz) Item no.: VA2012 Colour: Black/White/Silv

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