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AM Sensor (VA2012)

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58khz am sensor

AM Sensor (58Khz)

Item no.: VA2012

Colour: Black/White/Silver

Material: Qualified ABS plastic or wooden

Detection range:

Hard tag: 3.2m (Two antennas)

Soft label: 1.8m (Two antennas)

Dimension of antenna: 161cm(H)*44cm(W)*15cm(T)


1. The world's leading DSP (Digital signal processing) technology with advanced software debugging system.

2. Remote debugging is available through the channel independent alarm capability.

3. Signal analysing capability can detect the engineering difficulties to adjust system to be better adapted to the working environment

4. Anti-interference function can be set through the supporting software; It also can be used to adjust the phase of system, and set the detected label category.

5. One host can support 6 antennas at most; With unique channel alarm function and the system is scalable.

6. The debugging process is simple and intuitive to operate.

Technical parameters of host

Power supply


Output: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz


Input: 24+2VDC


Maximum output power: 60W





Net Weight


Host of 58Khz AM sensor

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