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EAS products

Installing an EAS system enables the popular items to be displayed on the floor,instead of putting them behind the counter.Vikson is supplying a wide range of EAS products.

Where we need the EAS products? (Clike here to view more EAS application)

In fashion store: Clothes&accessories, shoes,bags,leather clothing and sun glasses etc.

In cosmetic shops: Cosmetic & Perfume.

In supermarket: Bottled wine,Milk power,battery,cups etc...

EAS products will give a perfect protection for your merchandise, and the cost is not quite expensive.

The EAS hard tags are reusable, so once if you invest into the EAS pedestal and hard tags one time, you can get the consistent protection for a long period.

Choosing high-quality EAS products will help you extend their using life, and spending more time to look for a reliable EAS supplier will make you do not have to worry about quality problems.