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EAS Application
EAS system enables the popular items to be displayed on the floor,instead of putting them behind the counter.Vikson is supplying a wide range of EAS products.
Application of EAS products:Clothes&accessories,Bottled wine,Milk can,sun glasses,shoes,bags,leather clothing,cosmetic,perfume,battery,cups...
clothing security tag
Apparel industry is the most benefit from the EAS system. EAS tags are widely used in clothing industry, from clothing factories to retail stores, to supermarkets. How to choose a proper clothes security tag for your store security?

eas tag for garment accessories
Except for clothing, there are some accessories in the clothes store, such as bags, shoes, belt and fashion accessories.Vikson provide a complete security solution for variety of apparel and accessories.
bottle security tags
Bottle security tags are specially designed for bottled wine and canned foods. There are mainly two types of designs for options:
Bottle tag & Bottle security cap
Cosmetic security tags and labels
Many cosmetics are designed with a smart outlook. The recommended solution is AM labels + AM sensor + AM deactivator, as the AM labels has much smaller size, and better detection performance.Vikson also develops variety size of RF labels for different app
EAS Source tagging-rf label
Source tagging, means integrated an soft label into the products & packing or attaching the hard tags on to merchandise at the source of manufacturer, instead of attaching them in stores.
Vikson's source tagging program promotes sustainability for retail
Supermarket security tags and labels
In the supermarket, there are millions of merchandise to be protected.Variety of EAS accessories will be applied, such as EAS hard tag, soft tags, safer boxes etc.Vikson supplies One-Stop-EAS-solution for your security program.