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Clothes security tag

Apparel industry is the most benefit from EAS system. EAS security tags are widely applied in clothing industry, from clothing factories to retail stores, to supermarkets.

How to choose a proper clothes security tag for your store security?

For denims----you will have wide options, as most hard tags will be suitable for denim clothings.

For leather-wears, such as shoes, clothes, and bags---- the lanyard tags series is recommended. 

For some delicate clothes, such as silk material, underwear etc.., the smart size hard tags are recommended. (To view which are the smartest hard tags?)

Vikson supplies variety of clothes security tags for retail brand shops, and also can develop specific styles of security tags according to customer’s own ideas. (Click here to know more about “Special design service”)

clothing security tag-super tagVA510
VA510 is a new member of super tag family. In addition to having all the advantages of other super tags, it has much fluent and pleasing design, can be used repeated.
Clothes security tag used for retail store
Usually for a Rf hard tag, the bigger size means it has a better sensitivity. But this smart size X40 hard tag takes a elaborate RF coil, to make sure it not only has a smart outlook, but also has good detection performance.
mickey pencil tag used for apparel
The mickey pencil tag has an own integrated cable with pin,to protect the merchandises with a hole or ring.
eas golf tag used on clothing
The "Golf Tag Family" has three brothers. They are designed as domed shape, looking like a golf ball. They're mostly used on clothes,such as denims,coats, jeans and sports goods etc...
pencil tag used for clothes
The Di Pencil Tag is widely used for clothes,shoes and bags etc. It has smart size and well detection performance. Both of 58Khz and 8.2Mhz are available.
EAS clothes security tag
The V605 security tag has extreamly smart size and light weight. It is suitable for delicate fabric and small merchandise.
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