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Bottle & Can

Bottle security tags are specially designed for bottled wine and canned foods. There are mainly two types of designs for options:

1) Bottle tag--an adjustable cable is integrated into the tag. It can protect the bottles and cans tightly.

2) Bottle security cap-- With a bottle mouse protection device, preventing illegal open.


anti shoplifting bottle security cap
The VB611 bottle security cap is special designed for premium wines and spirits, with two available sizes. Bottles can be openly displayed with a strong visual theft deterrence with or without alarm activation at the exit.
anti theft bottle security cap
The VB612 bottle security cap is the bigger brother of VB611 bottle security tag. It is specially developed for high priced wine. It will protect the bottle mouse from illegally opened.
eas bottle tag for retail security
The bottle tag is a security device for liquor wine. It has an adjustable lanyard which can be bonded onto the bottle.It should be opened by special device at the cash desk.
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