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EAS label

Compared with EAS hard tag, the application of EAS label is much flexibly. It can be attached onto almost any products with smooth surface,such as packing box and plastic products. It even can be sewed into clothing labels at the source of manufacturer (“Source tagging program”)

Classified by frequency, EAS labels includes RF label(8.2Mhz/9.5Mhz) and AM label/DR label (58Khz).

AM/DR label (58Khz) should work with AM sensors.

The EAS label is much cheaper than EAS hard tag, but it is a disposable label. It will be decoded at the cash desk after payment, and then can not trigger alarm again.

Types of EAS labels:

-RF label  8.2Mhz                                                                                                                                             -AM label (DR label)  58Khz

rf label vsl404

● Variety selections on dimensions and shapes

● Low-cost than 58Khz DR label

Freely to be printed (Only for RF thermal labels)

dr label va902

● Smart size

● Not easily to be discovered

Frequencies of EAS labels

8.2Mhz, 9.5Mhz ----------------RF label

58Khz              ----------------AM label (DR)

The most popular frequency is 8.2mhz and 58Khz, but for some places, when the EAS system is crowed, the sensor with the same frequency may interfere each other. At this time, some stores will take the non popular EAS frequencies. 

Why choose Vikson's EAS labels?

       top grade foil material used for making eas labels
 high-sensitive round eas label made of thick chrome paper
high viscosity eas label

High-quality material
Made of top grade foil
material thickness 50μm.

High Sensitivity
Takes the world's leading
RF technology,providing
high-sensitivity detection
performance up to 1.5m.

Thick coated paper 
Made of High-quality 
coated paper,inner coil
can not be seen.

High viscosity
The label takes of high
viscosity glue; Working
well even at quite low

Application of EAS labels

eas rf soft label for chocolate
dr label used on chocolate
rf pvc lable on cosmetic
dr label used on cosmetic
  dr label used for medical    
eas rf frozen label
  eas source tagging on apparel
eas garment label

RF paper label 

on packing foods

    DR label 

    on chocolate

RF PVC label

on cosmetic

DR label

on cosmetic

    insertable DR label

    for medicine

RF frozen label

on frozen foods

   Source tagging

   on apparel

RF art label

on textile

Source tagging program

Source tagging, means to integrate an EAS label into the products & packing or attaching hard tags onto merchandise at the source of manufacturer, instead of attaching them in stores...

eas source tagging program eas source tagging rf label   eas source tagging  eas source tagging  eas source tagging 58khzeas source tagging  eas source tagging

More FAQ about EAS labels

8.2Mhz rf labels with different shapes

RF label (Radio frequency label) is essentially a circuit made of aluminium flakes and antenna. RF labels are disposable & economic security labels, designed as different shapes and size, to fit all kinds of merchandise.The most common used RF labels is: 4*4cm label with bar-code.

Customized printing is available on the labels for large order quantity.

List of RF labels 

● Dimensions of RF labels

● Types of RF labels

types of rf labels

● Special RF labels:

A. RF Transparency PVC label

The transparency RF label takes PVC material instead of chrome paper. It provides much flexible ability, which is most suitable for cosmetics industry.

rf pvc transparency label for cosmetic
cosmetic rf security label

B. RF Direct Thermal label

The RF direct thermal label is specially designed for the customers who need to print merchandise information(bar-code, price, name) on the labels. The labels has a heat sensitive coating. When heated by the print head, the thermal coating turns black to create the image. 

thermal printer

C. RF Frozen label

The RF frozen label is specially designed for fresh frozen foods in supermarket or shops. Double coated films will protect the label from water and low-temperature.

Dimensions for option

A. Normal Shape
B. Special Shape
C. Jewelery label
D. Cosmetic label
Code. Dimension & Shape Code.
Dimension & Shape
Dimension & Shape
Dimension & Shape
30 × 30mm
VSL404R Ø40mm / Round
Diameter: 40mm / Round
19 × 65mm
30 × 40mm
VSL33R Ø33mm /Round
30 × 30mm
20 ×50mm
40 × 40mm


45 × 46mm
20 × 70mm
30 × 48 mm
Side Length: 45mm /Triangle

30 × 57mm

VSL3438 34×38mm

VSL2344 23×44mm



VSL505 47×47mm

47 × 70mm

EAS am labels used for cosmetic and supermarket

58Khz AM label (Acousto Magnetic label)  is made of magnetiostrictive ferromagnetic amorphous metal strip and magnetic strip. Compared with RF labels, it has much slim size, better detection performance, and excellent anti-metal performance. It is much suitable for cosmetic, perfume, and some other small items. DR label can be stick onto merchandise firmly, can not be split out easily.

The AM labels must work together with AM sensor.

Why choose Vikson's AM labels?

● The shell of label is made of 100% environmental friendly PE(Poly ethylene) material.

● Double resonators design highly improve the sensitivity.

● Available in a variety of formats

Format of AM labels:

ultra strip III sheet am labels
The anti-shoplifting solution sheet format is intended for hand application.
ultra strip III AM roll labels
The large roll format is designed for automatic application.